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Located on Long Island's North Shore in Oyster Bay, close to Huntington and Glen Cove, we are proud to be a day spa that offers a wide range of services including skin care, massages, dermapen treatments, brow design and laser treatments.


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First a lactic acid eye masque is applied, followed by a soothing peptide eye cream on the ultra delicate eye area. Ultrasound infusion machine is used and the sonic vibrations move the extra fluid under the eye area for a rejuvenated, hydrated and smoother eye area. The vibrations also aid in the penetration of the peptide eye cream for maximum absorption, an amazing add on for the eyes. The esthetician will apply a special eye mask that is infused with collagen and essential oils to brighten the eyes, tighten the skin around the eye and fill in wrinkles and crows feet.

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