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Located on Long Island's North Shore in Oyster Bay, close to Huntington and Glen Cove, we are proud to be a day spa that offers a wide range of services including skin care, massages, dermapen treatments, brow design and laser treatments.




Don’t worry, John is still in the picture, but my newest magic wand runs a very close second. You all know me pretty well by now – I’m a huge fan of the highly effective, the products that deliver, the best of the best for my incredible clients.

Incredible clients, meet my magic microcurrent gloves, the newest lifting, tightening, smoothing, contouring family members at Blue Water Spa.

What is microcurrent?
Microcurrent is energy, plain and simple. Naturally generated by our bodies, this energy current slows, right along with all of our other physiological processes. The good news is that I can easily jumpstart the energy already present in your body to trigger natural healing capabilities at a cellular level. Used preemptively or as a powerful alternative to the knife, you’ll feel a significant increase in elasticity, see a big glow and experience extreme relaxation.

How does microcurrent work?
Microcurrent re educates your neck and facial muscles via immediate tightening and lengthening of muscles and acceleration of healing. During your treatment, ATP production is radically increased. What’s ATP? ATP is adenosine triphosphate, the bus that transports energy from cell to cell to get things done – in this case, the task is my reprogramming your sagging muscle fiber. The stimulating energy passes from my gloved hands to your facial muscles, inducing a toning action that smooths fine lines, lifts jowls, improves circulation and contours jawlines softened by time. Because your body has a large capacity to store ATP, the results you reap are cumulative, meaning you continue to look better and better, treatment after treatment.

I understand that talk of cellular function and ATP production may bore you, and that’s ok. At this point maybe you’re just thinking………

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A treatment series is critical for optimum results. I recommend 6 for amazing results. Post series, we’ll schedule a maintenance appointment every 6 weeks to keep you looking 10 years younger.  Let’s get you hooked up……