Blue Water Spa

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Located on Long Island's North Shore in Oyster Bay, close to Huntington and Glen Cove, we are proud to be a day spa that offers a wide range of services including skin care, massages, dermapen treatments, brow design and laser treatments.


Skin and Acne Specialist Program

Acne Clients come in every two to three weeks until you are clear. It takes approximately 12-16 weeks to get acne under control. Most clients have remarkable results after 6 treatments. Not all acne works on the same time frame. Acne that is inflammatory in nature heals first, then we work with the non-inflamed lesions, they take longer to surface.

The Face Reality treatment line and protocols are the best products to control and prevent acne from forming. If you adhere to the home care guidelines, change your lifestyle and work with my product recommendations success will come quicker.

Acne Products are imperative to controlling and preventing lesions.

Expect to pay approximately $100 for your first set of treatment products. Using your products as recommended is crucial to staying and maintaining clear skin. It’s all within your grasp!

The Face Reality Skin care has a 95% success rate.

Reasons for Acne treatments:

  1. We will monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care as needed.
  2. We will exfoliate the skin so that home-care products can penetrate the pore more easily.
  3. To lighten dark spots (if you have them) that are caused by acne lesions.
  4. To hydrate the skin so that the skin is receptive to your home-care regimen. (Your home-care can dry out the skin somewhat as you are getting used to them.)
  5. To extract existing acne impactions.
  6. To kill acne bacteria inside the pore.

Results You Can See